Lifelong Learning 2.0

Learning 2.0 has been an enlightening experience for me. I remember on our first night of class, when we were asked how comfortable we were with technology and how well-versed we were in using technology, I answered that I was pretty comfortable and that I had a pretty decent knowledge of technological things, including the internet. The exercises in learning 2.0 have really kind of proven me wrong. There were many things on the internet that I had either never heard of before (rollyo, mash-ups, technorati), or had heard of but never used (flickr, delicious, rss feeds). I'm glad and thankful that I had to investigate these things for class. They gave me a greater insight into the vast possibilities that are open to me on the internet. I always understood the hugeness of the internet, but I guess I never really had a grasp on it.
I have to admit that I had the most fun when exploring the mash ups, which I can say with some confidence was probably not the main intention of getting us to use these different web programs. But as much as I enjoyed learning about rss feeds and delicious, I've found that I don't use them often. I've never used the mash-ups again, but I can still recall my first uses of them and how geeked out I was when I saw the endless lists of different programs. And I can't think of any other time in my real life when I might get a chance to bear the children of David Beckham and Christian Bale (I love the Brits, apparently).
Overall, I was pleased with the use of learning 2.0. I did notice that some of the links on the Web 2.0 site were not active and that the site hadn't been updated in a while, I still think that the principles of it are great. I'm looking foward to keeping up to date on new technologies (it would be really great if the Web 2.0 site could be updated with new programs and things) and continuing my education organically. It's fulfilling to be able to learn things on your own and explore new things on your own time and at your own pace. That's the greatest accomplishment I'll take away from Learning 2.0.

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