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I was really impressed with Zoho writer. My previous post was a document that I typed up in Zoho writer and posted directly to my blog. And it was INCREDIBLY easy! I've had a hard time getting some things to post on my blog, but getting my document up was no sweat at all, and it was fast. That's a really awesome feature that would be great to have in Word itself. Also, I think that for me, an application like Zoho writer is really invaluable. I have a Mac and have sometimes had trouble with conversions to PC word processing programs, even versions of Word on PCs. Being able to write or even import/export my documents into a program like Zoho writer to avoid these issues would be beneficial.
One thing that I've noticed about this entire Learning 2.0 program is that, even though I considered myself to be pretty well-versed in technology, I had really no idea about quite a few of the things we've covered here! Anyway, more on this in a future post.
When I took a look at some of the award-winners, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that there are almost 500 Web 2.0 tools to be found! That's an incredible number, to me anyway. Taking a further look at the list, I decided to explore the tool called "Hair Mixer." You can upload a picture of you and replace your hairdo with the hair of celebrities or pictures from the web or blogs. I, of course, chose to look at celebrities. I think I look the best with Jessica Biel's hair (the first one), but I've always wondered what I would look like blond (Rachel McAdams) and with red hair (Julia Roberts), although it wasn't a great picture of me, and my face got cut off a little bit, but whatever. My real hair never looks like any of these pictures.

As you can tell, you can absolutely see that I've added my face to these pictures. The picture that I used of myself was from a weird angle, so I had a hard time getting everything lined up, and some of my hair was kind of in my face, so you can see it in some of the pictures, but I like the idea of the application. It's a fun thing to do if you have time to waste on the internet. I enjoyed playing around with it a lot, and was pleased that my face didn't fit in any incarnation on Paris Hilton's pictures.
Although I only looked at Hair Mixer, the list of award winners was impressive and long. The variety of the applications was really impressive as well. It's amazing the different things you can do on the internet! Something that I thought I already had a good grasp on, but apparently I was wrong!

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