I have never heard of Pecha Kucha. It sounded a little bit like a cross between a Pokemon character and a Southeast Asian festival or something. To say that I was mildly curious to discover its actually meaning would be...putting it mildly. So when I did some investigating, I was intrigued to learn that it actually is a method or setting that aims to trim down presentations in corporate and other environments. When I read this, I had a big laugh. The company that I used to work for had (and, according to my friends who still work there, still has) a mind-numbing propensity to create interminable PowerPoint presentations on everything from annual company meetings to health insurance presentations to demonstrations on how to use the new coffee machine. I sent a few of my friends an email cluing them into this idea that presentations should be limited to 20 slides in 6 minutes and 40 seconds and suggested that one of them present this information to the higher-ups...perhaps via PowerPoint. They got a kick out of it.
In theory, I am a big fan of Pecha Kucha and think companies and other entities would do well to keep presentations concise and easy to digest. It is my personal experience that unending presentations only allow guests to nod off, become bored or disinterested, or to lose their focus entirely and wind up doodling in their notebooks. In my former employer's case, it caused most of the staff to make the higher-ups the subjects of mild ridicule for their heavy reliance on PowerPoint. All this being said, however, I recognize that in some instances it might be impossible to limit all presentations to this time limit and slide number. For example, in a corporate setting it might be very difficult to keep an annual state of the company presentation to such a short duration, however much the employees might appreciate such an effort. But no doubt the effort, at least, would be nice.  

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