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I have to admit that, even considering my crowded, never-seem-to-have-the-time-for-anything life, I'm a little against RSS feeds. Part of what I enjoy about surfing the internet is being able go the websites that I enjoy and poke around, see what the site looks like, check out the pictures, the archives, whatever. The variety of content and design draws me to them. I have to own up to a fascination with celebrity gossip, so I'm constantly checking people.com, ew.com, usmagazine.com, even Perez Hilton. Truthfully, I can't imagine not being able to actually look at Perez Hilton's personally altered images. 
This being said, I found it really easy and user-friendly to set up an account on Bloglines, and I subscribed to some feeds that are interesting to me; some are websites that I check every day and others are sites that I would like to be able to read, but don't have the time (or I completely forget that I want to check them). Being a library person, I obviously love books, so one of the sites I subscribed to was the New York Times Book Review. I also subscribed to ESPN, but I might remove that one...I check ESPN constantly and I prefer visiting the website. There might be a few more sites that I add to my list, but they'll probably be sites that I wish I visited more regularly rather than sites that I check daily already. 

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